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Previous Meetings |

  • August 2014, Haninge, Sweden, Thursday, 14th of August, 9 p.m.
    • Working agreements for the IRC members.
      • Common responsibility.
      • How fast to answer.
      • Answering at all.
      • Answering questions in posts.
      • How to post new issues (Category, Title, problem, suggestions/questions).
    • Review of the last three months.
    • Open threads/issues in IRC group.
      • One foot on the ground.
      • Referee Terminology.
    • Measuring gloves.
    • Referee qualification and certification.
    • Goals until the end of the year.
    • Preparation of the new rules.
  • May, 2nd 2014 Milan
    • Election of FEA (Head of IRC, who would like to take over).
    • Review of latest IRC release and possible improvements to our work process.
    • Dividing up responsibilities between IRC members.
    • Adding two new members to the IRC.
    • New issues to discuss. (i.e. Gloves)
    • Other goals we need to set (i.e. Education of referees)
  • January, 16th 2014 Pajulahti
    • Glove Measurement
  • December, 12th 2013 De Ronde Venen
  • April, 26th 2013 Milan