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11. Equipment: Bats

Original rule text: |

Bats are to be constructed of a hard smooth material, with a length of 30 cm. It can be covered with soft material (a layer up to two (2) mm on one side or both sides). The overlap of the handle and blade can have any length.

Maximum dimensions:

  • Blade length:                    20 cm
  • Blade width:                     7,5 cm
  • Blade thickness:               1 cm (including the soft cover)
  • Handle length:                  10 cm
  • Handle diameter:             4 cm

The blade can be rounded and/or squared. The measuring of the blade starts from where it’s outside of the handle. The measuring of the handle starts from where it’s outside from the blade.  Should the blade and the handle be virtually made of one piece, the handle ends where its diameter becomes wider than 4 cm – in this case that’s where the blade begins.

Interpretations: |

  • The thickness of the soft cover can be up to 2 mm on each side, but the overall width of the blade must not be wider than 10 mm. For example, it is possible to have a bat with these measurements: 2 mm soft cover + 6 mm blade + 2 mm soft cover.. (Rev. 01/2014)
  • The width of the overhang of the handle and the blade can be up to 40 mm (this is consistent with the width of the handle) (Rev. 01/2014)