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5.4 Eye Protection

Original Rule Text: |

The eye protection must be worn during the whole match. Warm-up, time-outs and side/ends changes are part of the match. The players are not allowed to touch his/her eye protection. He/she must ask the referee for permission to do so, even in breaks. If permission is given, he/she must turn away from the table. Before play resumes the referee checks the eye protection so it is correctly put on the face and properly darkened with no gaps to be seen through. If the player breaks this rule, one (1) point will be awarded to the opponent.

Interpretations: |

  • If a player touches his/her mask without the referee’s permit before the set has begun the set will start with the score of 1:0 for the player who received the point. The match will start with the regular serving order. (Rev. 01/2014)
  • If a player the touches his/her mask during play the referee will stop the match and will award one (1) point to his/her opponent. The match continues with a re-serve. (Rev. 01/2014)